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medicine wheel:

Key words: High respected, - magically, - enables in the spiritual empire, - brings blessing, - earth energy pulls, - moon of the flying ducks. Description: Jasper, in the medicine wheel the mineral totem in the moon of the flying ducks (from the 23rd of September to the 23rd of October) to Born, is a kryptokristalliner quartz which seems in many different colours - brown, Red-brown, black, blue, Yellow, green and in the most different colour compositions. Most narrowly the blood jasper or heliotrope, a dark green stone with red spots, with in the moon of the flying ducks is born linkedly. Many magic qualities are repeated after the heliotrope in particular and the jasper generally. People of all times and continents appreciated the heliotrope as an amulet because they thought that he has the power to pass on the heat of the sun and to bring water to the cooking. They meant, he can satisfy bleeding, his owner make invisible, a long life guarantee, for lost eyesight substitute and pull the poison from snakebites. Up to not at all so long time blood jasper was used to fight against hemorrhages. One also thought in the fact that the stone held bad minds from the owner. In addition, all jasper kinds bless her owner and store and draw earth energy. General meaning: A blessing receive, - growing understanding of the earth, - a possible position, - Heat to a situation or respect. Association: - Transcendent meaning: A direct blessing, possibly from the earth.



  • (precious stone): Loyalty, long love and permanence.

(European ones).:

  • is a good omen for success and love,
  • this is
  • Losing a young woman a jasper, a sign for discrepancies with your lover.
(See also precious stones, quartz)

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