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Key words: Aggressively, - maliciously, - dreaded, - courageously, - loner, - avoided, - protector. Description: The Järv, bear's marten or wolverine (Gulo gulo) looks similar with his deep brown fur and his wide, yellowish paws similar to paw to the bear. However, he is only about 60 to 80 centimetres long, however, in spite of his small growth an exceedingly successful hunter. The Järv attacks intrepidly living being which are much bigger than he himself. Järve are feared because of her sharp teeth, her claws and her aggressiveness. It means that they are so tough that even bears and pumas take before them Reißaus. Though Järve eat with pleasure cadaver, but, in addition, they take everything what they can get and behave with it in such a way as her name wolverine indicates it. General meaning: The most aggressive and most evil part of your nature, - often the part which is filled with deep rage and big fury, - the aspect of itself which will fight to protect, - to attack your readiness, also somebody or something a deep spring of the courage in you, - what towers above you in size. Association: Insatiable avarice. Transcendent meaning: A deep understanding of the personality shares which you fear, actually, - a strong protective animal.

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