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medicine wheel:

Key words: Hermit-like, - fast, - deeply female. Description: Jaguar, a cat who can be lohfarben with black spots or almost black with black spots lives primarily in Central America and South America. Jaguars are very powerful and need a big territory. Differently than many other cat's kinds like them the water. They are rather solitary animals with the exception of the time in which they bring up her boys. They can roar impressively loudly. In Central America and South America Jaguar was held for very holy, representations of this animal are found with many archaeological excavations and are still to be found today in motives on clothes and baskets. Jaguar was looked as an ally with a very strong, protecting, emotional and sensuous aspect of the female nature. General meaning: With the just described deep aspect of the female nature come to contact, - see yourself as a hunter, - see yourself as a protector, - the aggressively female part of your nature. Association: A make of car. Transcendent meaning: To understand allied which can help you, this deep female aspect of your nature which connects you with mother earth and grandmother moon equally. Medicine Eagles apprenticeship: Black Jaguar stands for the female, - deep, unaware empire of the darkness, - the wealth of the night.


Jaguar symbolises like all predators vitality, emotions and aggressiveness. He warns the dreaming about arrogance, much too big recklessness and lack of restraint, however, can express also his wish for more ability of getting through and self-will. Maybe, however, the elegant wildcat symbolises exactly this: wild, exotic and unapproachable beauty - e.g., of a woman.



  • see safe: high man probably wants to you,
  • on see lying more lukewarm or threatening: one wants to rob you.


  • see: the shops go brilliantly.
(See also colours, cat, leopard, animals)

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