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Association: - Pursuit, - search, - expedition. Question: - Where in my life I run away from my own strength? What is I to be caught ready? Which part of my higher Itself is I to be taken in possession ready?


Hunt can indicate in general hopes, desires and ambition which determine the life. Under circumstances stands behind it the request to think over the life aims anew. Some think that dreams of the hunting show uncertainty or the fear to position themselves to a situation which the dreaming would rather avoid. If the dreaming is in the 'prey' - situation and is rushed himself and is hunted, the less than symbol is valid for a deeper meaning, but as a stress processing in a 'rushed' state. A signal that it is in the time not to let 'hunt on the other hand from an appointment because, otherwise, the psychic-physical whole constitution is 'shot'. If the dreaming sees himself in his dream as a victim of a hunt, this mostly deals something with his sexuality. Differently dreams in which one himself is the hunter are to be interpreted: Who goes in the dream in the positive on the hunt, that searches in the awake life maybe the understanding partner or the ideal boss. He goes hunting in other words to his luck behind. In the negative one pursues 'without taking into consideration losses' own aims and does not handle, besides, with other very considerately - her 'close season' is over, and goes for the dreamer only more around really successful 'firings and trophies'. If he comes back without prey, he also stands there in the everyday life with empty hands and has despaired about the fact that him nobody wants to understand. In this connection one should also pay attention to the animals whom one hunts in the dream. If the dreaming meets in his dream even as a hunter, this draws the attention of him to a part of itself which can be devastating and evil. One thinks about the solution of the dream hunt. Whom one was the hunter, one got the prey? Whom one was hunted, one was caught? An older interpretation produces a connection with the death, particularly with the ritual one or the sacrificial death. Other meanings can arise from the following accompanying circumstances:
  • to the hunt should be invited after old dream books a profit with a game of chance promise.
  • to the hunt go registers to tackle new plans, - old dream books understand also as a need for erotic adventures.
  • itself hunted can feel on stress and lack of time, point now and again also to morbid pursuit ideas.
  • To be hunted, sometimes hangs together with a missed appointment, unfinished work or a menace.
  • in his dream of a person to be hunted, fear of intimacy should explain in relations.
  • by a group to be hunted, the fear can point to be overpowered by colleagues or members of the family to have nothing to say in an important matter.
  • Somebody or something to hunt, registers that one works hard and expects to be recompensed also for the strains.
  • An invisible prey to hunt, aimlessness reveals and can indicate the need to clear personal aims.
  • in the dream to somebody with a broom to go hunting, can mean that an astonishing turn enters to the better.
  • with a hunting prey should return for malicious pleasure stand which one himself feels or suffers from others.


At the spiritual level death and destruction in a ritual connection can be a component of the spiritual trip. The dreaming must 'destroy' the parts of his personality which hinder him in spiritual making headway.


Everything what has produced human hand for the purposes of the hunt brings bad luck, - luck, however, only to people who are behind brief slave or search something lost, - quick discovering forecasts it. It means to all others because of the loops business involvements, dangers and posters, - all these devices are produced to the damage of the animals. Always, however, it is better to own in the dream such, than to see with another, just as it is more favorable to add to another bad person, than to suffer even such of somebody.



  • see or take part in it: by perseverance you will happily form your future,
  • are invited to it: Luck in the lottery,
  • go hunting: you get a bride home, - also: one will have to see that only perseverance brings to a success,
  • hunt big game: good success in shops,
  • hunt small game: your plan will fail to you,
  • without foresters: you will disgrace yourself,
  • without prey: a forthcoming disappointment stands out,


  • This symbol promises no luxury, but a peaceful old age which is to be owed to own endeavours and own farsighted planning. They should take care furthermore of your matters and fight for your aims, interests also always and actively in the life take part. (Man

(European ones).:

  • one believes to go hunting and is hunted itself, - care before the people who want to approach one!
  • see: Opponents make the life hard,
  • are invited to one: Luck in the lottery,
  • on one go: one gets desire to the marriage, - also: strive for the inaccessible,
  • take part: Success in the business, shining future,
  • fox hunt: if a risk points because of the clever competition,
  • small animals like hare go hunting: Signs for disappointments,
  • big animals like deer go hunting: Signs for the coming prosperity,
  • hounds see: one can be deceived by clever people,
  • get lost on a hunt: means embarrassment, also one should lose in no situation the trust to himself, a way will be already found to reach the desired,
  • on one miss: one will fall through with his intentions,
  • return from one without prey: one will experience a disappointment,
  • with a prey come home: one will have a malicious pleasure,
  • put game: one can overcome obstacles and realise wishes,
  • while killing attend: one will overcome the difficulties,
  • hunting knives have: meant a lot of Aufschneiderei,
  • hear blowing bugle: if means pleasure,
  • hunting pocket: one has to do his property beisammenhalten.


  • take part in it: you will hear a difficult accusation,
  • are invited to it: is not timid, you will win certainly in the lottery.
(See also under single animal names)

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