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Association: - Growth steps. Question: - In which direction do I grow?


Mostly the part of the life tree which states something about our mental constitution,
  • and blossoming or greening branches our internal balance reflect,
  • however,
  • dry or dead can point to the presently not very good constitution.
  • One can also sit on a fluctuating branch, translates: feel unsafe.
  • And who in the dream the branch saws off on which he sits, should maneuver in the deliberate life more carefully, so that he does not lose the footing.
  • an uncompleted branch is possibly a warning that one is confident too much and has not grown the load.
  • Who trips over an uncompleted branch, at short notice with that a certain matter is broken off. Then an internal change sometimes begins in the awake life.
  • dream branches can show - like in a family tree - the informal relations. If the branches grew freely or hindered them to themselves mutually in grow



  • many branches see: Incommodities experience, - (25, 2)
  • greener: Do not give up hope. In short time an idiom enters to the good.
  • drily, drily: You have missed it. Now it is too late and the chance is lost for the time being.
  • saw off: a lot of work get, - also: You should not surrender rash, otherwise you yourself are to blame for a big loss.
  • chop: Quarrel and quarrel experience,
  • burn: Joy experience,
  • therefore,
  • the way obstructing and one makes progress only laboriously: difficulties will stamp in it in the occupation,
  • emporklettern: Signs of an unusual way to the progress,
  • the branch breaks
  • with climb: one is not circumspect enough,
  • then she expresses
  • seen a woman in the dream a dry branch, with it unaware fear of the childlessness.

(European ones).:

  • in general: Signs of luck, growth and new life,
  • a growing one: a present of mother nature, - luck for the future is forecast,
  • defoliated from trees: deceived hopes,
  • came into leaf: groundless grief,
  • uncompleted or broken ones: personal worries, - professional shutdown and problems,
  • in the wind swinging branches: register that new enterprises lie before one, - also: the life will soon take an interesting idiom,
  • in the branches of a tree high-level climbing: one will make headway in rather unusual manner professionally,
  • branches position themselves to one in the way: one must count on professional difficulties,
  • the branch breaks with the attempt to want hinaufklettern: one is not circumspect enough,
  • then she expresses
  • seen a woman in the dream a dry branch, with it unaware fear of the childlessness.
(See also branch)

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