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Association: - Freedom of movement, - adventure. Question: - Where in my life I would have with pleasure more freedom of action?


She stands for feelings which warm us, - from her one can pull conclusions on own emotional life which is harmonious, for example, or dissatisfactory. To the exact interpretation the individual living conditions must be considered. Jacket is also a symbol for the image which 'one dresses': as one presents himself and wants to work on others.



  • pull: you want to go away,
  • pull wrong: points to confusion and wrong orientation,
  • see or carry: you will get to eat in the closer future a little,
  • depart: you give up your plan,
  • in the arm carry: wait your time, then come for success.

(European ones).:

  • draw one wrong: one is confused at the moment or informed wrong,
  • an old, worn, löchrige: one is injured in his feelings and should separate from these,
  • throw away an old one: finally, one separates from negative old feelings.
(See also clothes, coat)

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