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Yacht is understood in terms of boat or ship, however, points to a more elegant, more high form of the life creation. Do you swarm about a spoilt, costly woman (yachts women's names) have?, For the rest, the dream of a yacht indicates in general at an extremely violent need for femininity, often after very distinctive breasts. It is no chance that the figureheads of the big yachts are always women with luxuriant bust size.



  • you is envious of the success more different.

(European ones).:

  • like ship, but much lighter and more independently, - is authoritatively the state of the used water and the ship,
  • promises wealth and mind, - also: Rest of business and private problems,
  • see or with it go: if an advantageous connection tells in,
  • own one: an advantageously respectable connection will turn out worthless,
  • a stranded one: stands for the failing of leisure enterprises.
(See also boat, ship)

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