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Wander / madness / of lunatics


No matter whether you show the lunatic yourselves or see, you seem to have the feeling to be unreliable. They do not control your matters and could damage themselves. Follow exactly what he does Crazily, so that they can exactly get onto her weakness.



  • talk: you will arrange with your Schwätzerei a lot of evil,
  • go: your desultory action is not from advantage for you,
  • see: you lose the head and damage to yourself. (23, 72)

(European ones).:

  • of it dream promises problems, - there threatens illness which lives in the property
  • see Crazy and with them operate: if good shops and many friends promise, - one is truthful and will experience joy, - also: varying friendship and expectations will be disappointing bitterly,
  • these disappointments forecast
  • Dreaming a young woman of madness, in the marriage and financial things.


  • you should wiser be than your friends,
  • become: you will have by own guilt disadvantage,
  • go: Difficulties,
  • be mad: staunenderregendes luck (contrast dream!),
  • mad see: Fear, pursuit, need.

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