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Association: - Frailty, - work on a long stopping weakness or illness. Question: - Which old limitations may become healthy now?


Disabled (Invalidität) stands in general for an impediment in the life, for example, by feelings or spiritual dependence (freedom of choice, scope of action etc.) originates. A frequent dream in phases of the personal uncertainty and fear of life - one feels vulnerable injures and means to be dependent on the favour and assistance more different, and is not confident any more to come in the next time again 'completely on the legs'. If such dreams recur several times, one should try to put positive impulses and become active, so that one does not slip off in the depression of which one does not find out without foreign help so easily. A warning dream, the putative 'impediment' to put away, so that one can lead an independent life again. It can also contain the warning not to pass people who need of our help. If one sees himself as invalids, one should not give up himself in the awake life zusammenreißen and in a certain case, even if oppose a considerable opposition. Observe your partner - it could be that he wants to surrender in any thing if support is not given him soon. Anyway he is not so strong as you would like to have him with pleasure.



  • see: in a desperate situation get, - an accident, - danger,
  • threatens you
  • on crutches see: one will be squeezed by external compulsions very personally,
  • meet in own house: one runs the risk to lose his independency in professional and private things if one hits unthinkingly and premature decisions,
  • be: you will retire, - one feels limited in his personal freedom, - also: Otherwise one can lose care, easily his independency, if it is professional or privately.


  • Dreaming one of it, To be disabled, or one sees an invalid in the dream, this urges not to let discourage from delays. Powerfully and unflustered one should progress. One must accept health disturbances only if one can be disconcerted by the delays on his life. (Man

(European ones).:

  • see and speak: Warning before a raid, - also: register that colleagues to your interests damage,
  • be: one will lose his independence, - there threaten disagreeable living conditions,
  • Dreaming a woman of an invalid, her partner is not so strong as you would like to have him with pleasure, or he wants to surrender in a thing. Then you should help him and act.


  • see: your plans will fail by your own stupidity.
(See also 'cripples')

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