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Dreams of bankruptcies and economic crises are only rare on material (and entitled) fears covered. Much more often they indicate that the nerves lie 'shiningly' and the account of own excess powers is empty. Their whole constitution might have sunk in the 'red figures', one has overexerted himself physically or psychically. Inflation often appears with people who are in a deep mental crisis in which all former values have become doubtful which feel blank and burnt-out. However, at the same time the symbol also promises that one will find new values and aims by a change of the life again if one accepts the crisis and processes.



  • Your worry is groundless. You have luck and success.

(European ones).:

  • experience: complete loss of the property and bankruptcy,
  • hear from the coming: the life gets in a crisis, - values must be changed radically,
  • dream of it during a process: one will lose this process.

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