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The hedgehog is no symbol for aggressiveness in the dream. His stings injure only that who comes close to him to. Hence, the hedgehog is to be interpreted as a vision for the sentimentalism of the dreaming. The unconscious puts the stings immediately with the defensive readiness, speak: the dreamer should not show in the awake life quietly once his stings towards people, to him to goodwill. Hedgehog also stands sometimes for a contented one, even if rather modest life and can warn at the same time with envy and envy more different. However, maybe one also points to the fact that one has (hidden himself away) too strongly secludedly and should go out more from himself and search society. If the dream hedgehog rolls up, is certainly a sign that we want to have, finally, our rest in the deliberate life.


The hedgehog is as a symbol for stinginess and palatal desire, however, is by his stings also a symbol of the rage.



  • in general: one is surrounded by envious people and should take before them in eight, - warning, the kind-heartedness which one brings to the being close people could be easily abused,
  • see rolling up: you withdraw from your friends and hurt them,
  • run or see rolled up: your unapproachable being introduces in you some pursuit,
  • are stung by one: one will make himself calm on rather disagreeable surprises.

(European ones).:

  • one is so simple-minded that one does not see the stings and can come to damage if one is not careful, - also: there is the danger that our good nature is abused, - you have reason for the jealousy, - further sleepless nights which are caused by grief and worries,
  • see: one has a bad envious person, - your friendliness will be used,
  • see for woman: somebody with whom to you lies a little bit also likes you, even if he does not show it,
  • kill one: if means freeing from all Widerwärtigkeiten or an enemy,
  • prick themselves on one: one will be slandered,
  • see catching one a mouse: one will be abused by acquisitive people.


  • see: you are able contently his with your life.
(See also thorn, animals)

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