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Association: - Remains. Question: - What is over for me? Of whom want I to rid myself?


The cinder stands in the dream as a symbol for gone out feelings, tired forces, lost interest in a thing or person, indifference, also resignation, as well as often for remorse and grief. She can also announce in general that expectations and hopes will not come true. If still glow is in the cinder, however, means this maturity, personality development, self-contemplation or purification. To be able to interpret completely the dream, it is important to know what has burnt or became. Cinder can stand at the psychological level for grief and then is possibly a tip for the dreaming not to avoid a long quite standing in a queue funereal work any more longer. Only cinder stays behind of his experience. Cinder points to the end of a matter: One has burnt something and rises as it were like a phoenix from the cinder. Often one has also acted wrong and then strews as a penitent 'cinder on his head', or one is sad for reason at all and goes - according to biblical model - 'to bag and cinder'. If one collects cinder, a big, more unexpectedly financial profit can approach.


Cinder symbolises cleaning, penalty and death, the transient human body and his mortality.



  • see: your salary will be low, - also: Grief and remorse approach, - (30, 34)
  • go on it: you are acquisitive, however, will reach with it nothing,
  • carry: the luck remains loyal to you,
  • scatter: a bereavement approaches you, - experience loss, - also: one will regret his Voreiligkeit,
  • collect: you have to expect an inheritance,
  • hineinfallen or step: you lose a lot of property, - care before financial enterprises,
  • dig up: The storm has lain down. Rest comes to you.


  • The dreaming has made a big mistake, now stands before the caused damage - and denies his guilt. This symbol asks him to act not only selfresponsibly, but also to search the guilt for his failure with itself. One to says him that he inclines to act unthinkingly, to be guided towards his desires and to search the guilt for a lot outside. (Man

(European ones).:

  • no good portent, - they is a symbol of the grief, the death and the disappointment,
  • see a lot of cinder: one is deceived bitterly and deeply are hurt,
  • dirty themselves with it: Annoyance, affliction,
  • scatter cinder: close grief, - bereavement,
  • collect: Property increase,
  • in the cinder hineinfallen or hineintreten: a capital loss threatens, - care by all financial decisions,
  • for the farmer: Harvest failures,
  • for the trader: fruitless shops.
(See also fire, glow)

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