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It can seem that the Hyäne point in the dream to aggressiveness and Triebhaftigkeit. However, generally she has the same meaning like the vulture. The vision of the Hyäne symbolises recklessness, acquisitiveness, unscrupulousness and egoism. Also: for 'emotional greed'. One cannot agree from allowance, physical nearness and sex enough.


The Hyäne is the symbol of the stinginess.


A masculine woman, a magician or an evil person who dedicates himself to unnatural desires means the Hyäne. (The interpretation is not based on the hermaphrodite's nature of this animal and sexually would be generated. Antique national faith ascribed of the Hyäne a regularly returning gender change.) you stand for sluggish subjects and idlers, often she also shows poisoner.



  • The Hyäne means an evil whore's landlady and witch, also a magician.
  • Dreaming one, he rides on a Hyäne, he will get involved with such a woman.
  • there will be
  • Aiming he on the Hyäne with an arrow or stone, with the woman quarrel and quarrel.
  • Struggling somebody in the fight with a Hyäne this to ground, he will make to himself such a woman by force pliant.
  • Eating of a Hyänenfleisch, he will be enchanted by such a women's room according to the consumption for a certain time.
  • Hyänenmilch to drink means loss of his money and bitter poverty,
  • generally new: The warning which one should hope not too a lot from protection.

(European ones).:

  • announces a quarrel with an old woman whom one himself has caused,
  • see one: Warning before a raid, - also: forthcoming disappointments and failures, as well as lacking willingness to co-operate of your employees, - for lovers: frequent set-tos are to be seen,
  • many Hyänen see: meant a disaster in the country,
  • are threatened by one: one will get in a desperate situation,
  • are attacked by one: one comes to contact with Wichtigtuern,
  • kill one: one will escape from a danger.
(See also cadaver, vulture, animals)

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