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Association: - Opinions, - thoughts. Question: - Which thoughts or settings do I bring to light?


The psychoanalysis has declared care in usual Einsichtigkeit as a sexual symbol, - she has brought above all care of the man soon in a suitable, soon in respect highly in request with the male organ, to power and impotence and to certain means which should prevent the conception. Still one may give to the care dream only this sexual meaning if context and amplification point to this experience district. Much more importantly, however, the fact that of the care protects the head him is enclosed that he can be socially distinguishing and with him the cap (officer's cap, helmet, doctoral cap, occupational cap). In connection with other symbols hats circumscribe the bundled up ideas which shoot us by the head, or the expression 'one is in good care'. Care can also embody own intentions, expectations and opinions which one hides from others because one is ashamed theirs maybe, - then one should learn to confess more courageously openly to it. If a hat is blown away by the wind, one must probably calculate on the fact that hopes and plans are shattered. Especially nice, more conspicuously, maybe still with feathers of decorated man's hat admonishes not to be too futile and complacent. Men can hang, as everybody knows, very much on a hat. Therefore, the dream of a hat must have a profound meaning, possibly if his old care was thrown away. If this was not the case, a sexual meaning has to the care in the dream. The man who takes off his hat to somebody in the dream, so that also today still consciously deference testifies. That überernste man for whom in the dream a clown had to carry little hut - he wanted to lead back it on the caricature in a funny magazine - he did not go after this dream to a really serious change only from him up to now seen ridiculous position. Especially often a person must be drawn the attention to the fact that he is, actually, a traveller of the life, while he carries a pilgrim's care possibly to his astonishment. If a lady of emphatically chill kind goes to her annoyance in the dream under a gigantic disc of care on which a whole wild flower-garden grows rampant in passionate colour, then one knows, what of feeling longings and propelling imagination full being about which forced coolness is only a protection, this wild unthing carries. A man always had to carry on order of a mighty stranger for a year his officer's cap. Obvious he just particularly needed the position ideal linked with the officer's being. After his story the temporary military service for him had been morally always the best time - what does not apply, as everybody knows, for every member of the army. Now this position should play in to the long-term setting. Would be added that one cannot stand under, but in the care of another what also presents itself by the care simile. The phrase 'under the bonnet come' is expressed now and then by an almost humorous picture, - then the soul not a kind humor lacks. An orange hat can symbolise creativity or a new shining idea.



  • new and nice see, shop or carry: advantageous relations in view have, - also: Expenditures stand in the house, - one would like to be central everywhere,
  • carry an especially remarkable one: one has made himself ridiculous,
  • worse, dirtier: in miserable situation and circumstances get,
  • touch down: you will make a successful visit,
  • decrease: one may hope for a monetary blessing,
  • decrease before others: you must go to ask,
  • hold: humble themselves,
  • exchange: you get another position,
  • of the wind road-blown: one will miss a possible profit, - you suffer by other carelessness loss,
  • lose: you have hurt a good friend,
  • straw hat: one will have little luck in dear things.

(European ones).:

  • mostly camouflage of that what one really has in the head, above all if one means the details concerned to the world nothing,
  • make: something unusual will be required by one,
  • buy to themselves a new one: Luck and success,
  • clarify, to new ones see: Honour, respect, luck and advantages, - one will make good decisions,
  • old, worse: Misfortune, incommodities, capital losses, privations,
  • decorate: you will suffer by other damage,
  • touch down: forthcoming trip, - one will be irritated,
  • a new one carry as a man: one wants to like somebody, - also: if announces a local change and occupational change which will affect advantageously
  • carry a very remarkable one: one has made himself very ridiculous by his behaviour,
  • of A woman who carries a nice new hat the achievement is prophesied by prosperity, - also: if it is the object of big admiration,
  • A woman who puts a feather to her hat in the dream will venture many conquests. Their success depends on her charm.
  • lose: Frustration except house, - bad shops and mistakes of people which administer important matters for one, - also: Warning before wrong friends,
  • of the wind kidnaps: a profit, - disadvantages escapes you in shops,
  • see like a woman theirs loses: one will lose his freedom,
  • lift: Joy, pleasure,
  • exchange: Inattentiveness,
  • on another head: you become arrogant,
  • hats, many: you will have a lot of traffic,
  • see swimming one on the water: one will hear from the suicide of a friend,
  • carry a straw hat: one is cheated in the love,
  • carry one with feathers: if means honour, - also: one is too futile and addicted to validity,
  • hold one in the hand: one well comes through the existence.


  • touch down: you will have to start a trip,
  • clarify carry: is not too futile,
  • to old ones have: you will operate with high people and have thereby profit,
  • are carried away by the wind: your plan will miss.
(See also helmet, head, solar hat)

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