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Hunger / famine


Often in fear rooms available and the soul would like to warn us about psychic damages. How the hunger is a sign for a lack of food in reality, he shows in the dream mental and spiritual needs, the desire for spiritual supply, after life energy. If the dreaming eats excessively a lot, this is to be understood as a warning of immoderateness. For the exact interpretation of the dream must be respected in the kind of the dishes and the setting of the dreaming to them. Every person has basic wishes which must be satisfied. If the dreaming does not note missing satisfaction in the awake state maybe, she can become in the dream symbolism hunger. Sometimes it concerns an insignificant body-conditioned dream if one is really hungry, - this is often by realisation of a diet the case.


At this level hunger stands for the search for spiritual satisfaction.



  • have: by your moderation you will reach to savings,
  • starve: bad times come,
  • famine: you give yourself unnecessary troubles,
  • of hunger die: your enterprise brings you success.


  • hunger is a symbol for avarice and unprecautionary. It informs the dreaming that he should rein himself and realise that that earthly goods are not synonymous with luck. Also it recommends him to pay attention to his call and his social position, otherwise they will get worse. (Man

(European ones).:

  • dream of the opposite, - success, health, luck, - one lives in fullness and is afraid of privations,
  • feel: says beforehand that one has longing after a little bit, - one will increase his possession, - also: one finds no rest and satisfaction in the family, - for lovers means this one unhappy marriage,
  • the enemies see starving: one will assert himself successfully.


  • have: you will be very pleased with a sudden profit, - enlargement of your possession.
(See also thirst, masticating, Koch, meal, food)

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