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The medicament symbolises mental or physical need, like fear of pains, illness and disappointments, as well as the desire for condolence, consolation and advice. Is not to be excluded in particular cases that now and then is pointed out to a not yet perceptible illness which one can recognise with a thorough investigation early. Always this symbol something deals with healing or a salutary change in the life and, therefore, should be considered absolutely, so that one gambles away no chances. If the medicament is taken and it is helpful, the dreaming has enough opposition forces to master his problems. If the medicament remains inaccessible, it concerns an unsolved problem situation. Though the medicament which one himself produces announces difficulties which one will overcome, however, independently, - this is also valid for the professional like financial situation.



  • Dreaming somebody, he takes a purge, he will lose by quarrel and quarrel his money.
  • he will empty
  • Looking this the emperor, his treasuries to throw down the enemies, - he has removed the illness causes, he will destroy his enemy, if not,
Plagues and adversities from his opponents suffer.
  • Seeming it a woman, them leads away, she will damage the foetus with which she goes and bear no more child, - she is not pregnant, she will reflect on prevention of the conception to make a mistake to the loose trade, and reach her intention.
  • power somebody a cleansing cure and eliminates an amount of excrements, so that he becomes very matt, he will come as a result of illness and need to the begging stick.
  • Taking one to fatally working means and appear in consequence to bloodstains or other signs in his body, he will be humiliated, he is, whoever, from his enemies.
  • Taking one means and all hair falls out to him of it, he will become impoverished according to the loss of hair, - it is the emperor, he will destroy with cunning an enemy according to the strength of his armed forces.
  • Having somebody a drug taken and has thereby swelled like a tube, he will bring the money of an enemy in himself, however, around the price of mighty fear of the authority, depending on whether the swell has been big or small.
  • Dreaming one, he takes means, his nails fell out of it and he becomes very thin, threaten him illness and punishment on the part of the prince, and in what acts successfully, in it he will suffer wreck.
  • Taking somebody to a medicament to weaken the effect dangerous By means of and he succeeds, he will be released through and recommendation of another from his predicament, - the medicament has no effect, will stamp in the opposite.
  • take in general one: Capital loss.
  • give to another: Luck in the lottery,
  • bitter ones take: you will defeat your enemies.

(European ones).:

  • tasty ones take: Danger and loss which is to be brought in again - problems, however, this will turn to the good,
  • revolting ones take: long illness, - or deep pain, - or loss,
  • give: Luck in the business and in the play for the person whom she takes,
  • give: They intrigue against somebody to whom Li> you trusted,
  • prepare: Illness,
  • medicament plants see or eat: bad shops have an end.


  • Dreaming one, he takes a medicament because of an illness, he will find purification in his faith, - however, he takes them without being ill, it means a precaution for the preservation of the health and a rounding-off of the property according to the effectiveness of the medicament. If one takes a purge and empties incredibly the bowel, he will spend so much money as he has eliminated excrements, - the means are without effect, he will come to a bad compulsive situation and not master them, - he spits out the purge again, he will be released from the prince of embarrassing punishment.

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