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If they to us in the dream umschwirren, point out them to weird thoughts and not mature ideas in the awake life which should be rather roofed once again thoroughly. Also she warns about defamation of character, above all if it hums audibly. However, maybe she points even to clumsiness in dealing with others.



  • in general: if announces nuisance which one can remedy or make way,
  • see flying: one dedicates to insignificant things too much attention,
  • want to sit down on one and sting: with perseverance one will achieve his aims,
  • hear humming: one will read a paper.

(European ones).:

  • you will have to suffer from defamation, - one wastes too much time for absolutely inessential things.


  • see: you will be slandered.
(See also bees, wasps)

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