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A symbol for Verhärtung or undesirable hardness. Corn can also point out to the fact that one carries around an incriminating secret with himself of which one should speak with somebody. Old-Indian dream books understand it as an announcement of a death in the circle of acquaintances. But maybe you have only one in the toe which hurts even in the sleep. (Disagreeable physical sensations in the dream are not seldom a symbol for quite a realistic pain signal.)



  • see: a sore point touch,
  • or wart have: it walk towards you some obstacles, - a distraction will disturb the regular expiry of an important work, - also: an indisposition will affect the health,
  • other step on it: one must have to make himself calm on unjustified reproaches.

(European ones).:

  • see: remind of vigorous actions, because only by firm will one can reach something,
  • have: one is tormented by a secret, - also: Signs for happy business transaction,
  • aching feet, therefore, have: Enemies work against one and cause a lot of grief,
  • remove: a big property inherit from an unknown one,
  • to somebody step on it: one will be insulted innocent-wise,
  • she will have to suffer
  • Seeing a young woman corns on her feet, a lot and from other women badly treated.


  • see: you will have to say goodbye to somebody,
  • have: Death in the circle of your friends.

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