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Association: - the effortless reach of an aim, - comfortable progress. Question: - What is easy for me?


If a hill or mountain was mounted in the dream, the effortlessness or difficulty of the rise can be connected with the perception of how one masters the trip through the life. A quick increase can show the effortlessness of the personal progress. To struggle on the mountain, indicates that a problem is to be hard solved. Did one climb the hill or the mountain only in the dream or did somebody help in it? The answer can refer to how one supports himself in the life feels. If the dreaming goes up a hill in his dream together with other people, this refers to the fact that he pursues a common aim together with others. If the dreaming is in his dream on top on a hill, he shows with the fact that he is aware of his own farsightedness. He has tried to reach something, and can overlook the events of his striving now from above to estimate her effects at his environment and his people. The dreaming has reached something what he did not hold in the beginning maybe for possible, and now he is able to master his next work in the light of the knowledge acquired anew. To stand in the dream on the point of a hill or mountain a sign can also be for pride and honour, above all if one looks down at other people. Generally the hill stands like the mountain for the obstacles which one overcomes, however, lighter. If the dreaming goes down in his dream a hill, this points to the fact that he means, the circumstances would push him in a certain direction. Maybe he moves from the achieved and notes that he does not control his own abilities, nevertheless, yet.


At this level strain is necessary to attain the clarity which one needs to make other spiritual progress.



  • see: big expectations look after, - also: buried hope or passion,
  • mount: one will make headway easily or experience also a pleasant adventure,
  • are on him: now one can overlook the results of his action and his efforts (according to the appearance of the scenery) which harvest fruits of his work and rest on his laurels.


  • The higher the hill the barriers on the way are to be taken the heavier, the opportunities for advancement are the more precipitously, however, also. A difficult, maybe, however, rather successful time approaches. They must be strong and with your forces to households.

(European ones).:

  • indicates an inconvenience for which one can go, nevertheless, easily from the way,
  • mount without reaching the summit: means that the life of full fights and difficulties will be, - Li> advises further an emigration, change in the occupation and elevation of own energy,
  • on the hill rise and reach the point: good sign,
  • mount and fall down: against many envious people and adversities must fight,
  • a friend like a statue see standing on a hill: one will still excel his current attempts and receive the former justice sense and the knowledge in spite of all changes, - are above this person: one will ignore old friends in her career, - are on a height: one will not succeed in spite of amicable admonitions in causing a change,
  • hilly scenery: you will attain advantages without a lot of trouble.
(See also 'hill', 'mountain')

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