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The horseshoe is an old luck symbol. If it stands straight, it shows the moon and protection before the bad person, the other way round it brings bad luck. In the dream it can announce a trip or be indicated, however, as a symbol for the outlines of the female gender. The horseshoe as a luck symbol is also associated with weddings. Horseshoe if one finds it can announce an unexpected success. Who sees it on himself directed, should watch out in the awake life for envious people who would like to steer us on a wrong track. If one covers with a horse with it, one understands after old dream books as a promise of a carefree old age which one experiences in the best of health happily and contently, mostly with the partner deliberately and enjoys.


At the spiritual level a horseshoe in the dream is a talisman or amulet which protects the personal space of the dreaming.



  • see or find: Trouble and work agree, - luck in all things and enterprises will succeed, - (17, 32)
  • shop: a trip go on,
  • to a horse put in or put in: a quick trip start,
  • one should not challenge
  • Losing a horse a horseshoe, his destiny and think over always thoroughly his enterprises, before one explains them.

(European ones).:

  • see with the opening upwards: if closing luck means in all situations, - fulfilment of the wishes and hopes,
  • see with the opening down and negative feeling: the luck do not leave in himself near, it cannot be caught,
  • see with the opening down and positive feeling: you will be protected against bad person,
  • find: happy days approach, - one will escape Widerwärtigkeiten, - also: an inheritance comes up on,
  • to a horse see nailing on: heavy times,
  • even to a horse those strike: one will have a secure age, - also: Luck in an angedachten plan,
  • to a horse which decrease: one cannot force the luck,
  • see in the hoof of a horse: quick trip, - one will unexpectedly have to go on a trip.


  • see: good future approaches you,
  • find: you will make a big hit.
(See also magnet)

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