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Horns (animal horn)


The horns which play a role in a dream refer to the animal in the person and to deserving or lending superiority. A symbol for hardness and the ability of getting through - one dares to take somebody 'on the horns'. Or one would like to put on to somebody 'horns'. Long time one thought that the forces could be transferred by animals by the horns on the person. Hence, in many mythology carrying of horns symbolised a high rank. Pan which symbolises sexuality as well as vitality is a horned mythological God. A single horn can also stand for the penis and for masculinity. In addition, horns in the dream have a protecting and at the same time an aggressive aspect. One interprets horn also like antlers, - mostly refers to jealousy in a love relationship.


Because horns have grown on the head, they show spiritual as well as supernatural power. At the spiritual level horns stand in the dream for divinity and the power of the soul. (Remark: Horns with the person probably expel rather on before God 'liking' what accompanying feeling then also confirmed.)


Have grown to a horn of an ox or, otherwise, an immense animal, the forcible deaths cause, - mostly it means that the dreaming will be decapitated. Thus it goes out also to the horned animals.



  • see in others: you will experience a surprise, - also: one will experience unpleasant collisions,
  • horns carry: you will cause in the public transport often offence, - also: Symbol of the cheated husband or lover,
  • touch down: Adultery commit.

(European ones).:

  • horns see: meaning either danger for yourself or your possession or your business, - unhappy marriage or love, - also: If one goes forward further alone, one will miss important things and stand to itself in the way. One moves other to rate.
  • horns have: one outwits you, - one is cheated by his lovers,
  • other with horns see in the head: one will have to deliver conflicts with some people.
(See also head)

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