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medicine wheel:

Key words: Sleep, - relaxing, - reassuringly, - dreaming. Description: The hop, a winter-hard plant, is an important field product which is required to the beer production. In the past times hop tea served as means against numerous discomfort, in particular sleeplessness and nervousness. Hop in or under the pillow should be applied the sleep herbeiholen, and it is one of the herbs, mostly in dream cushion. Consequently hop supports effectively your dream life. General meaning: Support of the sleep and the Träumens, - tip to it whether you have difficulties with sleeping or dreams, - the rest supporting, - letting go of worries. Association: »With him hop and malt is lost« - paraphrase of a lost cause. Transcendent meaning: Actual help with the dream state.



  • more greening or more blossoming: by advantageous shops you will become well-to-do, - you will suffer no need,
  • for trade dry: your shops will take a good progress,
  • see themselves in a hop plantation: your absent-mindedness lets you overlook advantages.

(European ones).:

  • promises rich salary, - also: is for thrift to tackle energy and the strength, nearly every presented business and to master, - is always a favorable sign.

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