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medicine wheel:

Key words: Curative, - nutritious, - improving in appearance, - helpfully. Description: The elder or Holler is a bush which seems worldwide. He can become from one and a half to four metres high and blossoms in the spring with bundles of mostly white, elegant blossoms. In autumn the blossoms are substituted with dark red to black-red berries. All parts of the elderberry have been used by people close to the earth in the whole world as a remedy and food. One should be able to cure many illnesses with him. Also very tasty jam and wine or juice can be produced from the berries. Nevertheless, these berries are, before they accept her dark colour, slightly toxic and failure or vomiting cause. The fresh blossoms can be dipped in a mixing dough and be baked. General meaning: Old knowledge, - healing, - food, - food of the nature. Association: - Transcendent meaning: Gift of beauty and food (more physically and more spiritually).


On account of blossom, berries or shrub, the 'elderberry' is a symbol for salutary processes, rest and internal harmony - or for own longing for it. Elder flowers are also a symbol for an intact love relationship with 'fertile results': Child wish.



  • see: Recovery after long illness,
  • more blossoming: Health and happy love, - now it goes forward with you,
  • eat: your love affair hardens.

(European ones).:

  • see: the sick person will become healthy,
  • see blossoming: if promises a nice dear life.


  • see blossoming: a nice dear life.
(See also lilac)

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