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Association: - ritual union. Question: With which do I combine dearly?


End and beginning equally: the change of a life phase in another. The wedding is also valid as an archetype of the union and refers to two personality parts of the dreaming which must be connected with each other, so that a better whole can originate. A 'wedding' between mind and feeling or between the practical ones and the intuitive side could be for this an example. To take part in the dream in a wedding celebration, can mean that the dreaming knows about a real respect which is on this level of development. If the dreaming carries the wedding dress in his dream, this shows that he tries to order his feelings and hopes in view of relations. If another dream figure carries the wedding dress, and the dreaming himself is only a guest, then this closes with the dreaming by feeling of inferiority ('Always only bridesmaid, the bride') or it never promises a change in the interpersonal area. If we celebrate our own wedding in the dream, although we are married long ago, our present life style will probably change, however, this must not necessarily deal with the solution of an instantaneous connection. This can be the repetition of a happy event or a reassessment of the marriage by momentary difficulties. If the dreaming is single, the dream can be a form of desirable fulfilment, point to the strengthening and the long duration of a new love relationship and also give instructions about which kind of partner he searches. If he marries in the dream, for example, a friend for the childhood, it is obvious that he searches a person who has the same qualities, how this friend from child days. Maybe there longs the dreaming for marrying a famous person, - also here it is about the qualities of this person and not around the person itself. The dream can advise one to look not thus concentrated for the perfect partner. One maybe finds what one searches if one expects it in the least one. Wedding dreams can also reflect the fear to be involved too deeply in a respect. If one feels good in the dream, this can indicate the trust that a respect will hold long. Discontent could reveal the fear that a topical respect will not be long-lasting. If the dreamer experiences a 'dream wedding' in her dream, here it mostly concerns a dream. Besides, it also plays no role who has married or whether the dreamer is already married. The wish forms the basis of the dream to experience the tingling feeling of a bride. If the dreaming must undergo in the dream action a sacrificial ritual or is offered in general a victim, this is called that he must surrender in the reality a lot from his independence and his habits. However, the kind of the victim in the dream almost never has a real relation, it embodies mostly only the fears of the dreaming. The dreaming should also consider whether the wedding dealt with a certain culture or religion and could have which results for his life.


At the spiritual level the wedding in the dream is a tip to the need of a process of integration. First the male one and the female side of the personality must unite and then come the material one and the spiritual side with each other to harmony.


The death announces to an unmarried wedding in and robs a slave of the position of trust which he holds, - then both, wedding and death, are valid the person as an aim and completion, and always one is indicated by the other. Therefore, the marriage prophesies sick people the death, - then both, the Hochzeiter like the dead, the same is given, e.g., the escort of friends, men and women, wreaths, odoriferous essence, ointments and a written recording of the property. From good premeaning it is for one which intends to get into a new enterprise - it indicates the success of his plan - and for a man who expects a profit of any side - in any case, takes over that which marries, a property which the bride brings him into marriage. It indicates all others excitement and defamations of character, - then without confusion it goes out in no wedding. If one marries a women's room which no more virgin is, he will not separate himself on new ones on old enterprises move, but, besides, go not badly. If it seems to one, his woman marries an another, it indicates a change in the occupation or the separation. If a married woman dreams, she marries another man, she will carry, as the old people say, her man to grave or separate in any way from him. After my experience this not always applies, but only if the woman is not pregnant or childless or has to dispose of nothing. If this is not the case and has them a little daughter, she will give it to a man to the woman, - she goes pregnant, she will give to a girl the life, bring up the same and bring to the man. Though in this manner she will not marry, probably, however, a piece of her own meat and blood. A woman against it who has to dispose of something will conclude with regard to sales with somebody a contract as he is usual with a marriage ceremony. Many exits come true to person who are similar to us, to blood relation and namesakes. Thus, e.g., a married woman dreamt, she marries another man. Now neither her husband was ill, so that she could have married another after his demise, nor she owned something to dispose, so that she could make a contract like with a marriage ceremony, still she had a marriageable daughter whom she could have given to a man to the woman to see married in this manner not even, but the daughter with another, - also she herself was not ill, so that she would have had to die, because wedding and death have the same meaning because the external circumstances are similar in both cases, - they had however of the same name sister, which ill was laid low and died. Thus came true that what would have come true in herself, if they been ill, in her sister of the same name.



  • Dreaming one, he has loaded numerous guests to his wedding, will perform to him according to their number a lot of allegiance and be promoted by him. If he also has all kinds of Kurzweil and harps, besides, he will get to hear the messages who depress him. If he anoints his guests with different oils, he will make to himself with the people according to the fragrance a good name. Beräuchert he his friends with fragrances, he will make bad orders and put through them according to the fragrance. If he dreams, he mixes many sweetens, fragrant wines, it will give to cost to the guests his full authority and present them richly. If he sleeps with the woman with whom he celebrates wedding, he will satisfy all his desire, - however, he has lain down only to her side without touching them, he will have to fight in his business activity with difficulties and idleness.
  • see a foreign one: you will dedicate yourself in spite of your efforts to zeal addictions,
  • the own see for single: you enter a marriage,
  • the own see for married: one must appear to younger generation,
  • take part in it: Portents for good news,
  • see a wedding train with music: one should be discontented no longer with his life, but think positively,
  • hold for single: you have loyal love,
  • hold for married: Annoyance and frustration in the marriage experience, - murky experiences make, - bad luck,
  • interfere: you find out an infidelity,
  • wedding loader: One waits for your advertisement.

(European ones).:

  • dream with sexual complexes (with women and particularly with young people),
  • are present: meant big joy, - good news is to be expected, - also: Single will bind themselves, - married couples should appear to younger generation,
  • take part in one: one soon makes the experience that a grief preparing event comes up to one, so that the success keeps waiting,
  • hold: is valid for resolution of a connection, - one is bent to jollities,
  • see: you will hear from a burial, - brings jealousy,
  • are married: it borders on a miracle if one escapes from the death, - the wedding is happy and one sees no pale, black-dressed priests who wring from a ceremonious promise, the opposite can also be the case.
  • wedding clothes pull: Misunderstandings in the marriage,
  • make honeymoon: if brings a big surprise,
  • wedding company has: one will lose a lot of money,
  • Believing a young woman, her wedding is a secret, her call is in danger, because this possibly prophesies her downfall.
  • enters a woman a reason marriage or a befitting social standing marriage, she rises in the esteem of the environment, made promises and comfort will not keep from her.
  • there believes a woman, her parents do not agree with the marriage, will disapprove of her members her marriage.
  • this is
  • Marrying her lovers an another, a sign for groundless worry, because he stands faithfully to his marriage promise.
  • she will have
  • Seeing a woman a guest on her wedding in mourning clothes, only misfortune in her marriage. If she sees such a guest on another wedding, she will come along because of the misfortune of a member or friend's worries. You will possibly meet joylessness and illness and not, as expected, luck and good health. After this dream her pleasure or is affected more different by joyless incidents or surprises.


  • Dreaming one, he prepares a wedding banquet, he will take up for the secrets of his power the help of friends. If he pours out them wine, he will suffer damage of them. If he brings Zymbeln, harps and dancers here, misery and misery about him will come. If he lets to the wedding banquet put up burning candles, he will win power and divide them with others. If sweet songs sound with candle-light, he will live long and rejoice according to the melodious sound of the song about his power.
  • take part: Single ones will soon marry, - married experience joy in her children,
  • dance in a wedding: watch out for the other gender,
  • celebrate: Luck in the marriage,
  • with a foreign woman or a foreign man hold: your matters get in confusion.
  • in the Indian dream writing 'Jagaddeva' it is translated with close death or at least big pain.
(See also bride, marriage, marriage)

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