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Association: - limited expression of own resources. Question: - What is I to be unfolded ready?


Poverty in the dream refers to the inability to satisfy own basic needs. Maybe the dreaming emotional or material feels inadequate. Poverty is mostly a nightmare which makes visible in depressing pictures of poor surroundings what one is afraid of: to lose everything - what always one understands just by "'everything". Maybe this is a tip to the fact that the dreaming must deal rather with his surroundings than with himself. Poverty is often the sign for mental or spiritual impoverishment (according to feeling) against which one should begin by change of his life. However, maybe she also points out to the fact that one should not make too many useless thoughts to himself, a disappointment will experience or will fail a matter wrong approximatedly and. Moreover, one has maybe cheated the suspicion, or to be used. The return to the basic is often the condition to recognise which needs really exist. A request to find out the real needs - and a warning before much too big materialism. The poverty indicates in the dream at feeling of inferiority, insecurity, helplessness or at a lack in intellectual, emotional or also physical qualities and advantages there.


Spiritual poverty can stand for selfdefamation.


Be an arm something good, in the least Rhetoren and belletrists of all directions brings to nobody, - we use because the expression 'impecunious his' in the same meaning like 'be poor' and 'cannot raise his voice'.



  • be poor: Luck.

(European ones).:

  • be poor: Dream of the opposite! The luck laughs to you.
  • of a friend: Worries and losses,
  • and, besides, be devout: Luck and quiet conscience.
(See also alms, money)

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