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Association: - Achievement, more comprehensive understanding. Question: - What want I to reach? Where must I go to reach it?


A symbol for the achievement of a stage aim in which the dreaming has brought a laborious rise behind himself and reaches, finally, a level which is to be crossed attractively and easily. Now one has 'free overview' and can orientate himself anew, turn to the next aim. If it concerns a scanty and a little attractive plateau, the dreaming maybe needs even other incentive to continue his way. If it is a sure, cosy place, he would not maybe like to go on and time needs to recover. This vision sometimes points every now and then, however, also to a shutdown which was caused by lack of energy.


At the spiritual level the dream symbol offers a row of options to plateau. Either the dreaming rests in idleness on his laurels, or he takes the time to examine his making headway and to use the plateau as a quiet and friedvollen place for the reflexion. (See also level)

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