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Association: - intensive emotions, - stress. Question: - Where must I preserve a chiller head?


Pleasant emotions can be transferred in the dream into physical feelings. Thus the dreaming experiences possibly rage, jealousy or similar emotions as a heat. It is informative as one brings own dream heat under control. Also the dream mood is important. Was one angry? Maybe one should become 'cooler a little bit?
  • If the dreaming in his dream sweats, symbolise these hot desires and passions which one must rein more to suffer no damage. (Or if one just was too warmly covered
  • If one is aware in the dream of that that the surroundings are hot, this refers to the fact that one feels beloved and looked.
  • then
  • Feeling the dreaming something as hot what should be cold, actually (for example, ice) can mean this that he has difficulties to order his feelings.
  • heat feeling often points also to work. Presumably this is a reference to a project or subject which means a lot with which before the success the sweat is put.
  • is Sometimes heat feeling in the dream the announcement of an illness which must be got through in the awake life.


Spiritual passion is a very deep feeling, - it can be experienced in the dream as a heat.



  • suffer: it will be prepared for you a lot of grief, - annoyance, trouble and plague.


  • a warning sign: To dream of heat urges to the dreaming to hold his passion and his mind absolutely under control. Since in an event of the next days he needs mind and a chill head not to release a chain of misfortunes. In general he inclines to get excited too strongly and to heat up too much. He should take care that him this does not cost too much strength and also enjoyment of life.

(European ones).:

  • one has no reason to come along about his circumstances worries, however, one avoids angry thoughts or words, - also: One knows no advice in a thing. One switches on his mind, takes enough time to the reflexion and afterwards makes a clear decision.
  • she gives a hard time: one cannot explain the plans because one is cheated by a friend.

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