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Shepherd points even stronger than the cookers to the spiritual forces which should reconcile internal contradictions with each other. Shepherd and above all the shepherd boy have an erotic meaning. One longs for a romantic adventure. The 'good shepherd' seems in religious connection. Partly he stands also with prosperity in connection and the following accompanying circumstances are to be followed:
  • shepherd with a herd should promise good profits and respect.
  • shepherds with an especially big herd let on a big property hope which will increase stately.
  • shepherd alone can announce against it losses.
  • goose's shepherd often warns about clap and defamation of character, above all if the geese cackle.
  • pigherd indicates at sudden hostility, Schafhirt on a blest age and cows on wealth and luck in the next future.
  • the shepherd a peaceful old age should promise
  • old person because they are protected by a good shepherd.



  • on the pasture: glad, happy time,
  • with herd see: about a substantial property increase may be glad,
  • with sheep: for your age is provided,
  • with cows: Wealth and success,
  • with pigs: you deal it with common opponents,
  • only shepherds see: one will lose his property,
  • shepherd boy: Love affair,
  • even the shepherd be: one will take over executive functions.

(European ones).:

    one encumbers with
  • with the worry about the family itself too much, - also: Own family will turn out in the next time very helpful and make easier to one by big support the work.
  • see: quiet age,
  • with herd see: Wealth, - tells property increase in,
  • with herd of cattle: if brings luck,
  • with pigs: if means profit,
  • with lambs: promises innocent pleasure,
  • with horses: one will experience a wild joy,
  • with geese and ducks: one will suffer a lot from gossip,
  • without cookers: Property loss,
  • of a small herd with thin animals: brings material worries,
  • even of animals more nicely strong from a big herd be: points to good shops.


  • see: your property will increase,
  • with nice big herd: you will lead a happy family life,
  • with thin cattle: slow new arrival to the family,
  • with pigs: you will overcome your enemies.
(See also cookers, animals)

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