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Direction - the west

medicine wheel:

Key words: Experience, - inside show, - strength, - autumn, - twilight, - maturity, - leadership qualities, - apprenticeships, - responsibilit, - know themselves, - idealism, - unselfishness, - sundown, - moonrise, - grizzly bear, - selfhealing, - the bringers of the unity, - Mudjekeewis, western guardian of the mind. Description: The west is the time of the autumn, - the time of the twilight, - the time if people have reached her maturity and are ready to take over healer and leader of other responsibility as a teacher. It is a time of the strength and the power in which all living beings have collected enough experience of life to know her direction to know what functions for them and what not. The west as an aim represents the responsibility for the children as well as for the old people. As an animal the grizzly bear is connected with the west, the being which knows his own heart. The colours of the west are blue tones which go over in the black of the night. The west is the native country of the west wind, the father of all hoist. General meaning: Power, - direction, - leadership, - responsibilites, - apprenticeships. Association: Western values. Transcendent meaning: Deep knowledge about everything what is holy, and your respect with your creator. Fosters apprenticeship: Adolescence, - autumn, - initiation dreams. (See also 'grizzly bear', 'autumn', 'Mudjekeewis', western guardian of the mind)

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