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Direction - the south

medicine wheel:

Key words: Growth, - trust, - love, - summers, - midday, - action, - Try out, - searches, - mating, - loves, - sexuality, - relations, - coyote, - trick artist, - healing, - friendly, - sociably, - dearly, - Shawnodese, southern guardian of the mind. Description: The south is the time of the summer, the midday. Here in the human life youngsters and young adults with a phase of quick growth confronted, with the superior strength of the instincts see themselves in accordance with the thoughts, with the need to count on her intuition because the changes storm too fast at them to be mastered still with the mind. The animal who is associated with the south is the coyote, the tricky who helps us to grow even in phases in which we want it not really. The colours of the south are the green of the growth and the Yellow natural wisdom. General meaning: Quick growth, - respect, - love, - the heart, - fertility, - heat (externally and internally), - passion. Association: The sun, beach and sea, - vacation, - developing countries. Transcendent meaning: Gift of the love, - better relations. Fosters apprenticeship: Childhood, - summer, - separation. (See also coyote, Shawnodese, southern guardian of the mind and summers)

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