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Direction - the east

medicine wheel:

Key words: Eagle, - wisdom, - spring, - new life, - daybreak, - youth, - birth, - uprightness, - clarification, - awakening, - Enlightenment, - clarity, - messenger, - vitality, - Wabun, eastern guardian of the mind. Description: The east is the time of the spring, - the time of the daybreak, the youth, the new, high, freshness and the intensive energy. In this season the earth of all sides seems to awake at the same time to new life. It is the time of day at which the darkness disappears and we see new beginnings and how the mystery of the life even continues. The strength of the east is bluntly. She can help you to find the enlightenment which is open to all children of the earth. The animal assigned to the east is the eagle. The colours are red and gold of the rising sun. General meaning: Better communication, - new beginnings, - unused philosophy, - intensive energy, - messages from and about the different creation empires, - awakening, - knowledge about the childhood, - daybreak, - spiritual life, - reflexion. Association: Close, middle, the Far East. Transcendent meaning: A revelation of that what is right for you mostly. Fosters apprenticeship: The enlightened, - spring. (See also eagle,' spring ',' Wabun', eastern guardians of the mind)

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