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Direction - the north

medicine wheel:

Key words: Renewal, - cleanness, - sleeping state, - paradoxical strength, - new life, - death, - rest, - gold, - internal growth, - white buffaloes, - the empires of the mystic, - healer, - extrasensory abilities, - need of the ground, - rejuvenating, - Waboose, the northern guardian of the mind. Description: The north represents the winter, the time of the age and the youth, the midnight, the time of death and rebirth, the time if from you an oldest, a person of the wisdom has become. In this period of life your physical abilities are not maybe as coined any more as in your youth, however, for it your spiritual talent is far bigger than one day before. The north has the strength of the renewal and cleanness. The power of the north is contradictory, - he is hidden new life, still in the coat of the death wrapped, quick growth, behind rest. The white buffalo is connected with the north. This gave himself the person, so that they could live. White Buffalo Woman, so one says, has brought the holy whistle to the people. The main message of the north is the gift. General meaning: Physical health, - respect with the world, - work, - flat. Association: Cold, darkness. Transcendent meaning: Understanding of the gift. Fosters apprenticeship: Adult age, - winter, - Hineinnahme. (See also Waboose, northern guardian of the mind, 'of white buffaloes ',' winters')

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