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The meaning of the directions becomes most from the whole dream action evident. They point as visions to the atmosphere of departure of the dreaming. If a single direction is particularly emphasised in the dream action, it also earns detailed consideration.
  • Leading the way after the south, so this means the widths of the feeling, the heart warmth and willpower.
  • The way in the direction of north leads against it rather in the chiller fields of the intuition and unaware notions, but also in the area of the chill mind.
  • The east, - the sun, against the light which illuminates our life stands as a symbol for the introverted thinking selfdirected on itself.
  • The west, - where the sun sets, into the night in which dangers lurk, verbildlicht the ripe, self-confident and mild approach of the dreaming. The west is more extrovert an area (outwardly more lived) activity and order.
The dreaming should try to remind to itself from which direction the wind blew. (See also sky, night, the sun, wind)

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