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Association: - Blessedness, - transcendency, - limitless freedom. Question: - Where in my life I feel blest? Where in my life I get by without borders?


The people have the sky always with jenseitigen, reverence giving present linked. The mythological residence of the gods circumscribes soaringly thought, creative inspirations, the striving for higher sighting and stands in the dream for the place where mind and thought are at home. It is a symbol for the feeling and mood situation of the dreaming, a heavenly feel welfare in the awake life. He symbolises the inaccessible. How much the dreaming also tries to touch really the sky will never be for him.
  • In particular the blue sky littered with stars has a positive meaning.
  • a cheerful, blue sky points to a cheerful mood, to the dreaming there laughs the luck.
  • Some dream analysts think that a deep blue sky registers that one discovers a lost thing or stolen thing. He can also mean that a planned trip will run successfully.
  • a clear sky can announce pleasant times without obstacles. He can also predict that the solution of an acute problem will be crystal clear.
  • a colourful sky is often connected with romanticism. He can symbolise a respect, or warn about a date.
  • a white sky can express wishful thinking in some areas of the life.
  • by the blue sky fly registers that one may feel freely and undefeated and trust in own forces. If one loses, besides, the view contact with the earth, one runs the risk to lose himself in dreams. If one has flown in the dream sky, one tries to understand, why. If one wanted to look, e.g., at a problem in the awake life from the bird's-eye view
  • a cloudy sky can forecast tumultuous times. He can also mean that one carries around a heavy burden with himself.
  • a thick-cloudy and sombre sky against it points to depressions in the deliberate life which could be due to lacking success.
  • The magnitude of the dream sky can show own big potential. If one has enjoyed to look at the dream sky or one found him frustrating far except reach


At the spiritual level the sky in the dream is a symbol for infinity and order. It is the seat more heavenly, the people überlegener Wesenheiten, manifestations of the transcendency and symbol of the sanctified order of the universe.


A pure, bright sky is in general a sign of good premeaning, particularly for people who are in search of something lost, and for those which want to go on travelling - then with pure sky everything is clear to recognise. A dark, murky or cloudy sky indicates shutdown of the shops and grief. If he changes into a material at all, he brings only to those which handle with the same in her occupation luck, to all others against it after identity card of the experience misfortune. A low hanging sky favours only seer and astronomers, he moves the remaining people into low living conditions. Then give notice all things which can nowhere get lost and by no means if they get lost in the dream, the dreaming the death or loss of the eyes in. Thus, e.g., one dreamt, the sky has disappeared from him. He died, - then like one cannot use lost any more, everything is also virtually lost what one does not use any more for even.



  • consider: you have longing for a dear person,
  • liven, make clear, to blue ones see: happy enterprises and big joy approach you,
  • with stars: honourary honourings expect you, - an already long desired wish will come true,
  • of full stars: the big luck is close to you,
  • cloudier: a murky future threatens you, - one must have meanwhile patience because at the moment loading problems will solve only after some time,
  • darkens: heavy times come for you, nothing undertake,
  • darker: Frustration by superiors and tiff with your members, - evil,
  • with fire sheaves: big joy expects you,
  • more red-coloured: death news will excite you,
  • more yellow: you must be angry,
  • four-poster: Child blessing comes to the house,

(European ones).:

  • consolation balance for insecurity in the life,
  • see clearly and blue: if big luck announces, - joy tells in, - succeed of an enterprise, - also: if noteworthy honourings and interesting trips with cultured companions,
  • promise
  • with stars: indicates at salary and profit, - fulfilment of a wish,
  • to red ones see: brings all kinds of Zwistigkeiten, - also: public riots and uprisings are to be expected,
  • got cloudy see: if brings unstableness, - worries and obstacles,
  • of overcast skies: points to grief and annoyance,
  • more cloudily: if mean worries and annoyance.


  • Dreaming one, he sits in heaven, however, does not know, like he hinaufgekommen, he will find mercy in his faith, - he belongs to those which own the necessary abilities, he will become an emperor and gain name and power.
  • Seeming it one, he owns nice, quite unusual houses in the air, he will soon die, - however, the house is built like other houses, become possession and business of the dreamer, he is who wants he, to the edge of the ruin come because the house is not built on firm reason.
  • go up: you will come to high honour,
  • clearly: an enterprise succeeds,
  • gets cloudy: you have to overcome obstacles,
  • in flames: a big joy approaches you,
  • with stars littered: a big inheritance will close to you,
  • grimly: menacing dangers,
  • red: Frustration with superiors,
  • blue: many joys experience,
  • cloudily: you are hindered in a plan.
(See also grey, cloud, 'religious pictures')

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