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Who dreams of providing assistance in an accident actively, could soon come (in the figurative sense) to a similar situation: Often it is a 'tip' from the subconsciousness that a being close person has had an accident emotionally '', in a respect crisis is or is in a situation which he experiences as a mental crisis or as extremely painful. Who could it be which needs now urgently allowance (and a 'plaster on his wounds')?



  • bring: your need comes to an end,
  • perform to somebody personally: Trouble and work have,
  • somebody in any matter: your appearance will cause general applause, - you will make valuable friends.
  • cries for help hear: Care, you stand before great danger.

(European ones).:

  • call for help: meant freeing from a danger,
  • provide to somebody assistance: if a reward or thanks promises.
(See also help of)

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