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medicine wheel:

Key words: Food, - sing, - pair off and increase. Description: Grasshoppers are a very old and widespread insect order with more than 20000 kinds. Together with her relatives, the crickets, they seem to live only to eat and to sing. The male animals try with her chirping to attract possible gender partners. Grasshoppers and crickets eat all Green with predilection. In the garden they can be a plague if they appear in crowds. If they lack food, mostly as a result of too strong increase, then her colour darkens, and they are able therefore to take up more sunlight. Then they swarm out and eat everything bald what is accessible to them. General meaning: The male portion of itself which loves to express itself by singing and to make thus with Mrs. Eindruck and him is eager to draw women or female energy, - as a grasshopper's plague a feeling of the loss, the hunger, the abandonment being or the change of the earth to the negative. Association: Grasshopper, in the hay frighten, - plentiful appearance, - barbecue in the head, - chirping men can be a plague for women. Transcendent meaning: A song or food as a gift for your soul, - a prophetic dream about a forthcoming famine, - the meaning of the life, condenses in the actions of the grasshoppers.


A grasshopper in the dream is as a rule a symbol for freedom and is associated with a flighty mentality, absent-mindedness and with a little thought-out statements (Have a barbecue in the head). Hence, she symbolises the inability to decide on something. They call to spots on our soul, - dreams of grasshoppers can draw the attention to serious mental damage. Sometimes they point to whose family also the grasshoppers belong to a fickle being. Grasshopper can also point to passing success in which one will be glad, however, not long. The inclination is sometimes expressed in it also to melancholy and pessimism which does not explain itself by the personality structure, by external influence.


In the Chinese philosophy the grasshopper is associated with the enlightenment. Hence, she embodies in the dream a form of spiritual freedom. Nevertheless, she can also stand for divine repayment and the abuse of resources.


The field and foliage grasshoppers and the so-called line grasshoppers tell farmers of infertility or destruction of the grain in, - then they pounce on the sowing or lay waste them. They mean the remaining person evil fellows or women.



    Grasshoppers mean in general
  • without every doubt crowds of enemies, - it stands written because that they depart at divine order to lay waste a country.
  • he has to expect
  • Dreaming of the emperors or a prince that grasshoppers pounce on a country there a majority of mighty enemies, and these will cause so big damage as the grasshoppers laid waste country.
  • directing latter no damage in, but pull them merely through the country or remain in him, a lot of war people will move there, but cause no damage, - the emperor will have to pass after this face distress and war with numerous enemies according to the amount of grasshoppers.
  • see: terrible things experience, - one will unpleasantly surprise you,
  • see a whole grasshopper's dream which becomes the plague: one should watch out for acts of reprisal,
  • see jumping: an anxious time approaches,
  • kill: vain struggle.

(European ones).:

  • announce that the expected and incoming luck might be only from short duration, - after a time of good success follow failures and disappointments, - also: Loss of the harvest, - can indicate at professional discrepancies which prepare for a big worry,
  • catch vividly: Revenge in a powerless and defenceless person,
  • kill: one will bring to another disadvantage,
  • this dream says
  • of A woman. the fact that she wastes her affection for unworthy.


  • see: you are too melancholy since some time.
(See also barbecue)

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