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The traffic with Hetären in brothels means on the one hand a small scandal and slight issues, - then men who get involved with these people, are ashamed and pay in addition. On the other hand, Hetären are in view of every plan of good premeaning, - they will unite from the 'commercial-competent' called, and they reveal themselves without opposing. A house of ill repute a common place is called just as a cemetery, and much human seed perishes there. Nevertheless, the women's rooms have nothing commonly with the place, - they themselves do not mean luck, - only the place. Therefore, it is more favorable to see vagabonding Hetären in the dream. Are also luck-bringing those who display before the brothel her charms which sell something and collect the dear wage, indifferently whether one only sees them or operates with them. (See also brothel, prostitute, sexual intercourse)

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