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Association: - Love, - security. Question: - Where in my life I am ready to give love and to feel?


The concept of the Solar Plexus points to the original symbolism of the heart, it was seen former than seat of the sun in the person and is even today the symbol for love, vitality and feelings. In the dream the heart according to dream action has a positive meaning or wants to warn the dreaming about something. Heart can appear now and again body-partly with nervous heart trouble in the dream and then is accompanied often by fear, - then an investigation makes sense. It points to heart neuroses which can be, as everybody knows, the result of conflicts in the interpersonal area. In some cultures the heart is valid as a seat of the soul. If one has heart trouble in the dream, it 'suffers' in own life from one of these concepts. In our usage the 'heart' is probably the symbolic-most pregnant word in the most different variations: If somebody has 'a broken heart', a 'cold-hearted' or 'heartless' person is to blame for it. If one loves, one has closed somebody 'in the heart' and 'darling in the eyes' - and who nothing and nobody fears, 'a heart has like a lion' and is 'large-scale sweet'. If itself somebody frightens to death, the heart stands still to him, but if this happened only in the figurative sense, everything can become good by 'hearty affection' and 'heart warmth' again. By lovesickness quite a lot of 'heart has already got a jump' because a disappointment is too much 'to heart gone' - the examples of 'heart-touching' symbolism can be continued arbitrarily. Almost all sensations which can be assigned even in the farthest sense of the love stand in the (usually proverbial) connection with the heart - and also who proves strength and courage, 'collects itself to the heart' or 'gives to his heart a push'. The symbolic value of the heart of life energy is almost natural: If the heart does not hit any more, it has went out. So - you act a little bit 'from whole heart' if it is laid to you in the dream with this symbol 'to the heart'! However, the heart often symbolises traditionally the feelings and wisdom which go out mind and reason. The individual meaning can arise from the following accompanying circumstances:
  • a red heart can reveal a deeply rooted passion or sexual energy which one finds out at the moment in the life.
  • Seeing one a heart-shaped object, one will have to renounce in future in favour of other people something.
  • Feeling one beat the heart, one comes along around a being close person worries.
  • Whom it in the dream hurts, that has mental problems, maybe lovesickness which stands with a broken heart in connection.
  • heart cut grief and separation of a beloved person announces.
  • bleeding heart warns about insults or similar mental injury by a being close person.
  • heart eat symbolised often the need to step with a beloved person in quite a tender respect, however, can warn also about the Vereinnahmung by others in such a respect.


The heart is the seat of the life principle and the mind affects - it is a symbol for affection, desire, love and hatred.


The heart means the wife of the dreaming or the husband if a woman dreams because it is the centre of our life, - it encloses further the courage and the life breath of the dreaming, - both because.



  • see: you must make to the luck more different a sacrifice,
  • cheat: one will hurt you very much,
  • cut: Separation of lovers, - your love comes to an end,
  • eat: Reply of the love find, - also: your own family will use you,
  • see bleeding: are put out to deep-abusive insults,
  • the own see bleeding: you must make big sacrifices,
  • wildly hear hitting, excitedly: Restlessness suffer,
  • heart woe: you have betrayed a friend.


  • the heart is equated In general with vitality and life energy. A healthy heart allows to expect persistent energy, activity and a long life, an ill or aching heart is the omen for quick ageing and oncoming death. In any case, the dreaming should check his state of health and furnish if necessary his life accordingly anew.

(European ones).:

  • his state shows the condition and the state in the core,
  • see: if a new love affair announces, - one is warmly loved,
  • be see own: there threaten illness and energy decay,
  • see that of an animal: the enemies from the field hit and earn respect,
  • see a blue heart: refers to the quarrel with a beloved person,
  • see a pink-coloured heart or a heart form: Heart pain because of somebody which is a long way off,
  • feel hitting: warns about a lapse,
  • cut: Separation of a being close person,
  • see bleeding: you will suffer insults, - mean insults,
  • eat: one can be insured of the mutual love,
  • eat that of a chicken: unusual wishes tempt to tackle very difficult projects for own getting on,
  • have the ill or wounded: brings worries in the relationship,
  • have a hurting one: there are professional problems, - one commits a mistake which brings losses if one does not correct him,
  • of nobody have or lose it: Advantage for the enemies,
  • have palpitation: one feels affection,
  • heart suffering: if mean internal tortures and riots,
  • being heartless: Grief and need.


  • see: a good and rich marriage.
(See also palpitation,' body')

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