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If the dreaming sees himself in his dream as a Hermaphrodit (hermaphrodite, son of the Greek God Hermes and the goddess Aphrodite), he is not maybe quite sure of his own gender, or, however, he feels unwell with the role which is ascribed to his gender. Whom a child grows up, it understands bit by bit that some behaviour is measured and is satisfactory and other not. This can lead to the fact that other natural reactions are suppressed and return only in the course of the later life to the surface and confuse then the dreaming and are shown with the Hermaphrodit figuratively. A person who tries to get to know more about itself tries to produce a balance between the logical ones and the sensitive side of his being. This can be also expressed in the dream by the vision Hermaphrodit.


At the spiritual level stands of the Hermaphrodit in the dream for the perfect balance. (See also 'sexuality')

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