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If the dreaming feels accompanying in his dream of a group, this means that his individual behaviour differs from others. Who bleats 'with the herd', is valid as 'a cooker person' and does not have in mind with his individual, prominent achievements a lot. For it he can well adapt himself in a community, likes the cohesion of a 'cooker life' and has no problems to submit to a 'bellwether'. Moreover, cookers (from animals) can warn about uncritical adaptation to the prevailing opinion because one can be thereby realised not individually. Universal symbolises them the parts of the personality which are controlled by the mind. The dreamt lamb count symbolises also nothing else than the called qualities (before which to you dreads, if it was no shepherd's idyl). Of it it is often dreamt if youngsters must move because of the professional training into a boarding school or to the military service. (No joke - but the result of the questionnaire evaluation of an American study for the dream research.) one drives them before himself, this could mean that one moves over constantly the responsibility before himself in the awake life.


At this level a herd can stand in the dream for the spiritual religious images of the dreaming. The trust in own orientation is the right way.



  • see a big one: if promises prosperity, - increase of the property,
  • see cattle on the pasture: happy times with happy love,
  • protect: watch out for unnecessary issues,
  • cross: you come to foreign people, one does not understand you,
  • do home: watch that no envious people to you damage.

(European ones).:

  • of cattle see: meant comfort and luck in your stay,
  • gets thin: Illness,
  • protect: is sparing,
  • in a herd hineingeraten: watch out for rash action.


  • thin cattle: you will get in an unsightly matter,
  • fat cattle: your business goes well and the profit is sure to you.
(See also animals)

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