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In the dream of a cooker or a fireplace the dreaming recognises his need for security. On this occasion, it can concern either the certainty that his home, the place of his existence, is sure, or, however, around recognising an internal security which lends above all to the female self-expression which donates warmth and stability. The cooker was since the antiquity the symbol of the family which gives us warmth and security and the centre of the family events. On him the food from raw is transformed into the eatable state. This explains his meaning as a change symbol. Cooker can stand as autumn for feelings which blaze brightly, glow quietly and faithfully or have cooled off, - this arises from the accompanying circumstances and above all the fire is to be followed in the cooker. If the fire goes out in the cooker, this must be seen as a danger signal that something is not right in our inside, or. Foreboding of the death of a member of the family could be the cause for a such dream. Because the cooker is closely connected with the fire, he can refer in the dream also to a controlled passion which is put in the service of the everyday life. The cooker is interpreted by some psychoanalysts in man's dreams as a representation of own wife because he bears the fire which provides for warm food (the diet of the soul is meant with it), or as a sexual symbol because one must poke the fire in him and add over and over again on new fuel to receive it.


At the spiritual level the cooker in the dream can symbolise the Anima.


The cooker calls the life, the living conditions all together, the wife of the dreaming. If the cooker takes damage, one must conclude that by them take called damage. If one dreams of lighting fire on the cooker or in the oven which flames up fast, it is of blessing and the birth of children means, - then the cooker and the oven resemble a woman because they take up necessary to the life, - the fire in them prophesies, the wife will go pregnant, - then then the woman also becomes more quick-tempered. If one meets, however, fire in them and lets it go out then, one will cause to themselves heavy damage. It dreamt one which lived away from home, he is founded there house and cooker. How was to be expected, the man died, - then house and cooker symbolised his whole situation and his life aim, and because he built them away from home, the aim of his life should reach.



  • see: own family life get,
  • coldly: your hope does not come true,
  • warmly: you will celebrate a wedding,
  • even in it fires light: one is fulfilled secretly from Nicely to a certain person,
  • on it many cooking pots see: may count on rich child blessing,
  • cook on it: Independence attain, - also: you expect dear visit,
  • extinguish the fire in it: you know yourself secretly belovedly,
  • see the fire erlischen: the respect with a beloved person comes to an end,
  • fires in it see burning: you have to expect visit, - happy life within the family,
  • for woman see a cooker with bright fire without smoke: good family background, - for a man: The prediction of a quick connection which will be lasting,
  • big: is not prodigal,
  • smaller: in miserable relations get.

(European ones).:

  • cooker with fire without smoke: if means big well-being, - good family background,
  • cooker fires see: is valid for overcoming obstacles,
  • see the cooker fire erlischen: a love relationship will soon come to an end,
  • cooker without fire: if misfortune means in the love, - one will be left,
  • cook on it: means that you will forge your own luck to you.


  • one loves you secretly, and it is not unknown to you,
  • with fire: you will receive a visit,
  • cook on it: you cannot complain about your wedded bliss.
(See also fire, flame,

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