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If we or another in the dream have a hoarse voice, we bring out in the awake life possibly no tone to sit down against bad accusations or bad machinations to the weir. However, maybe we also talk with pleasure round the hot mash, so that to us the unconscious with the hoarseness would like to warn against saying only something important if we are itself also quite sure to us ours. Hoarseness points mostly also to contact weakness and isolation which one must overcome.


(European ones).:

  • have: means that one might also achieve an advantage, - as a result of a well thought-out speech: A possibility to be carried, however, in an unsafe position, - one should well think, before one decides.
  • someone else: A friend becomes a promise which he did not give once can hold. One takes seriously it not too, he will prove himself as a friend some other time.
(See also Stutter of)

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