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Native country


Without being away from home, we can dream of the native country. It is a security and affiliation symbol, and who dreams of his own hometown or of his home at that time, knows, 'where he stands' - he is self-confident and has rooted in his existence 'well'. He knows where he belongs, and has come there. The unconscious can point out with the picture of the native country also to the fact that we should better adapt ourselves in the present environment to feel not foreign. Or, however, the dream betrays that one is discontented with the present and longs for old, better relations because one is discontented with a new situation. Indicates further at remorse sensations about sexual actions, in so far as in this dream the longing for the lost innocence expresses itself. If one leaves the native country, can point to informal problems.



  • It pulls you in the distance, but you have there no luck.

(European ones).:

  • one longs for a fulfilment, however, looks too much in the past,
  • see the old one or the school: means continuous prosperity, particularly for a lover, - happy hours experience,
  • they leave: one will have big worries about the future of his family,
  • is abroad and from the native country dream: indicates at quick good news of your family,
  • see again: a lot of joy, - happy hours.

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