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This idyllic landscape is valid as a modesty symbol, perhaps, also as a request on the restraint. The sight the moor in the dream is connected, particularly if it blossoms, with positive things in the real life. Wishes and hopes which one has looked after for a long time will come true. Generally the moor also indicates the picture that the dreaming is in a conflict situation between external self-control and internal passion.



  • green see before himself: are presented, - promises fulfilment of hopes,
  • walk in a nice one: glad times come,
  • a blossoming one: announces changes,
  • a dry one: desperate future, - thwarted hopes.

(European ones).:

  • shifts our luck in wide distance,
  • freshly blossoming ones: the last ray of hope in a matter,
  • dried out, dry or brown moor: your hopes are.


  • greens: you still have the last ray of hope,
  • blossoming: your hope will come true,
  • drily: your need will still continue for a while, however, does not lose the courage, because the help comes at the right time.

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