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medicine wheel:

Key words: Wildly, - thorns, - smell, - pleasure, - transformation, - beauty, - blessedness, - moon of the powerful sun. Description: The dog-rose is the plant totem in the moon of the powerful sun (from the 21st of June to the 22nd of July) to Born ones in the medicine wheel. This wild rose kind is very fertile and is widespread in North America and Europe. The bushes, the blossoms and the petals resemble grown variations, they are smaller only around something. A blossom exists of five petals which are grouped around a big yellow centre, and can vary in colour between Brightly and Dunkelrosa. After the blossom has wilted, appear the rose hips which own a high vitamin content and help, therefore, with the cold, sore throat and influenza. Rose hip tea is slightly astringent and was also applied to cover less tasty herbs in taste. One knows that the essence of the rose hip brings the people who suffer from hay fever to relief if it is let drip directly in the eyes. Grown roses have generally more petals and a smaller centre than her wild relatives. There are them in many different colours, and they are liked as an adornment of the garden with the people very much. General meaning: Your wild nature, - the intensive portion of your emotional being, - what holds you close, - what it permits to you to open you. Association: - Transcendent meaning: Gift of the love in one or other manner, - your setting to the love changing.

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