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In general:

Archetypes are prototypes which every person deeply preserves in his subconsciousness. In a way, they are 'extrasensory' architect's plans. These architect's plans - although potentially completely - can be distorted by childhood experiences, socialisation and even by the experience of parenthood. C. G. Jung started with the investigation of the archetypes and arranged her function in thinking, feeling, sensuous and intuitive percipience. Some of Jung to schoolboys compiled a sort of 'map' with whose help it is possible to indicate the interplay of these activities and to find out where in each case individual distortion appears. Every function has 'positive' and 'negative' qualities, with the adjectives 'more' or 'less' maybe better circumscribed can become. Each of the male and female sides of the personality owns these four functions, so that a total of 64 are possible for interactions (eight times eight). Where a distortion appears, the person inclines to the projection on those archetypes in his surroundings with which he has the great difficulties (this is frequent of the shades). Consequently there is a trend to repeat situations so long (for example, the woman who finds herself over and over again with a father-figure in close relations or the man, which gets time after time in quarrel with female superiors), until one has learnt to handle adequate with his distortion and to understand them. If it succeeds, nevertheless to make consciously to themselves the own and the projections which other people on one have, then these can be accepted, without one himself comes, besides, to damage. The perfect balance would be reached when all sides of the personality can be expressed so as this is shown in the table. . Manly Female Evaluation Function more affectionately affectionate one positively Sensory perception Father Mother . Enormously devastating mother negatively . beaming youth Princess positively Feeling Loafer Siren negatively . Hero Amazon positively Think Rogue Competitor negatively . Priest Priest positively Intuition Magician Witch negatively .
  • The affectionate father and the affectionate mother are selfexplicatory.
  • The monster symbolises negatively used male rage.
  • The devastating mother can destroy deliberately or be just suffocating. (This is the mother, the growth adequate by her children prevented).
  • The beaming youth and the princess are the rather kind, fun-loving sides of the personality.
  • of The loafers stands for male unstableness.
  • The siren, the seductress stands for the active female sexuality.
  • The hero is the independent, messianic part of the personality.
  • The amazon against it stands for the complacent female - the competitive type Career woman.
  • The rogue is the maskuline portion, is of use to the power for his purposes.
  • The competitor the typical 'women's libber' which means them would get by without men (like amazon).
  • the intuitive forces which stand in the service of the 'big whole' show
  • priests or female priests.
  • of The magicians brings his power indifferently to the application.
  • The witch brings her power rather emotionally and possibly negatively to the application.


The affectionate mother: She reflects the traditional picture of the caring mother who forgives for injuries and is always understanding. Because this side of the female esteem big till this day gets to know, it can happen still easily that it becomes overdeveloped at the expenses of other personality aspects. The devastating mother: With this archetype it concerns either a suffocating stamping of motherliness or the open devastating, austere woman. Often it is this kind of mother who prevents the relations of the dreaming deliberately or complicates to him, on account of her influence on him, shutting to other people. The princess: This archetype shows the fun-loving, innocent and childish aspect of the female one. The princess is absolutely spontaneous and has at the same time her quite own manner to handle with other people. The siren: This archetype stands for the seductress, for the woman who is aware of her sensuousness and of sexuality. In dreams she often appears in historical, fluent garments, around her erotic radiation stress in addition to. The amazon: She is the independent woman, she means no man to need, - in many career women a big serving of amazon is. She takes pleasure in brisk, aggressive, intellectual battles of words. The competitor: Behind her is hidden the woman who competes with all and everybody - with men and women equally - and which risks everything to prove that she can take in hand her life herself. The priest: With her it concerns an extremely intuitive woman who has learnt to control the river of the information and to use him cheers the general public. She is in her internal world completely at home. The witch: Also she is exceedingly intuitive, nevertheless, her energy is of use for own purposes. She decides purely subjectively and, hence, loses her critical judgment property. The affectionate father: This side of the male is the traditional picture of the turned father who owns the ability to provide for the child in himself and in others, and in his decisions is steadfast and absolutely fair. The monster: It shows the furious, aggressive, fear-exciting side of the male. The beaming youth: The fun-loving, curious side of the male is sensitive as well as creative. Behind her Peter Pan who has never become adult is hidden. The loafer: He shows the freedom-loving man, the everlasting traveller, the Gipsy. He holds nobody the loyalty, and exclusively the view of the next adventure speeds up him. The hero: with him it concerns a man who has resolved to undertake his investigation trip on own initiative. He can weigh offers and decide certainly on the next step. In the dream he often appears messianic figure. He saves the desperate maiden, but only if him this promotes in his own growth. The rogue: This archetype stands for the completely egoistic man who does not look after it on whom he tramples around with the search for himself. His kind of masculinity reveals itself women often only in the respect everyday life. In the dream it is often a menacing figure which returns if the woman has not resigned herself to his selfishness. The priest: The intuitive man recognises and understands the strength of his intuition, and he uses them in the service of his God and the general public. He can come into the dream as a shaman or pagan priest. The magician: This man uses his judgment property absolutely without passion for good and bad equally, but only because he enjoys the exercise of power. In a more negative sight he is the swindler or master of unexpected changes. Urboros: The queue who bites herself in the tail is a symbol for the fact that consciousness and Me must still only develop (the old chaos in the person, the contradictions of property and Nastily, man and woman). Mandala: Circle and square are united in this symbolic drawing. It is a sign of the Selbstwerdung.


If the dreaming access to all archetypes has equally, he is ready to become whole a unity and. (See also under single headwords)

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