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As with the symbol of the birth the midwife who appears before an immediately starting birth in the dream can also be a sign for a quick change. She stands for the wish for a fresh start or the realisation of an idea and one depends on the cooperation or help more different. This can refer to the private one as well as to the professional area of the dreaming. Now and again is expressed in the fact that one will reach to an important examination and uncover a secret, perhaps, even. Quite in general can express itself in this vision the wish for a child, but also the fear to become an unintentional pregnant or father. In some cases the midwife points in the dream, however, also to sexual inhibitions.


A midwife brings to light concealed things because she tracks down the confidential and concealed, and losses and sick people mean the death, - she gets always the surrounded from the surrounding lap and hands over it to the earth. (The newborn child was laid on the earth to fulfil it with the life-making a donation strength of the mother earth.) she releases the people who are held on by somebody by force, - then she releases the surrounded body from his surrounding cover and makes easier him in such a way. Often prophesies a midwife of a woman who is not pregnant, illness, one, however, which is in other circumstances, nothing special because she is in expectation of the delivery.



  • see or speak: preserve your secrets compared with chatty tongues, because secrets will come to light and financial losses threaten, - also: Before and child blessing.

(European ones).:

  • see: if announces the discovery of a secret which has remained a long time concealed
  • with one speak: if a birth or baptism tells in,
  • are examined by one: one has no pure conscience,
  • be: one will have it with a thing very in a great hurry,
  • Seeing a young woman such a person, her grief and downfall approach.


  • for single: quick marriage,
  • for married: Child blessing.
(See also birth)

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