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Skin rash

Association: - Nuisances, - instantaneous fury. Question: - To what extent does my care hold back me? Am I too impulsive?


The skin separates us from the outside world and thus skin illnesses of all kind in the dream symbolise a problem with the demarcation of other people. Whether one differentiates himself too much or not enough, the more exact analysis of the concerning dream must point.



  • a good sign: If one dreams, somebody has a skin rash, the moment has come to begin with the realisation of old plans. Indeed, it is a matter of being careful: Circumspection, permanence and trouble are necessary, the wishes should come true. If the dreaming notes the rash in himself, pleasant social changes are in view. (Man

(European ones).:

  • indicates money and Well which is acquired by dishonesty,
  • has your child skin rash: it will take pleasure to good health and be dear,
  • foreign children with skin rash see: one is afraid free of charge around a beloved person.
(See also skin)

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