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Domestic animals

Association: - from the values of the civilisation tamed natural. Question: - Which part of me is ready to let tame, or does long for not being so tame?


The domestic animal was formerly a benefit animal, hence, they symbolise in the dream still the helpful function of the soul. However, in the today's time many people keep a domestic animal to compensate for isolation and for dear denial, this must be considered with the dream interpretation. However, often the dreaming also identifies with the domestic animal seeming in the dream, then he projects unconsciously his edged out sexual feelings and lacking tenderness in the awake life on the respective animal, so that these get an erotic character in the dream. If the dreamer himself accepts the shape of the animal, the unconscious wants to draw the attention of him to the fact that he should better protect himself from lack of emotion and loneliness. A domestic animal which one strokes in the dream can also be the partner to whom one has brought, perhaps, lately only little tenderness or with which one has argued maybe too much. The respective animal symbols give closer explanation. Subliminal is aware to the dreaming maybe that another person exercises power about his life. The dreaming can do only this what is expected from him. If he owns in the dream a domestic animal, he must possibly find out how and whether he can look, nevertheless, after somebody who is even more vulnerable, than he himself.


Domestic animals are able to give unreserved love. They are sensitive and, hence, feel immediately the emotional state or pain of her man.



  • smaller have round himself: different friends, - also expect you it: one can count on his friends.


  • you will have own home.
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