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Who realises hatred and fury in the dream, has an aggression traffic jam - a very frequent dream of people who controls himself always and controlled give, can appear seldom emotionally and say even more seldom 'no'. However, here not the 'sacrificial lamb's type' is meant, but people who fear nothing so much like open discussions - among other things, because they know her actual aggression potential: They are afraid 'to crack' in a suitable situation and to commit an act of violence against her will. Who more often has full of hatred dreamers, therapeutic help should absolutely take up.


Hate or are hated, advantage brings to nobody. Besides, it makes no difference whether one hates somebody by whom one is hated because hatred generates enemies. One can expect from enemies neither help nor support, while the people anyway depend on foreign help and support, because they have of it use.



  • by own guilt goes an Erfolgverloren,
  • look after against somebody: rein your passions.


  • in the dream hatred to feel warns against doing wrong by rash judgments. The dreaming inclines because to overestimate himself and to be unfair sometimes also. To be hated in the dream allows to expect an improvement of human contacts. Nevertheless, the person concerned should look in general at his emotional life and examine and carry out if necessary suitable changes in his life. Anyway it is a matter of observing his emotional life better.

(European ones).:

  • hate somebody: one should pay attention to injure somebody not unintentional, - also: Dream of the opposite, - sign for success with friends or in domestic interests,
  • are hated because of injustice: one will find frank companions, - the contact with friends will be very pleasing,
  • are hated because of justice: points to incommodities.

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